College is the time to take chances & experience crazy, unique things. You might as well take advantage of each & every opportunity possible! I fully intend to take advantage of every experience I can (afford…cause I’m a broke college student). I’ve already started looking into programs and I don’t even start college until the fall!

Here are some of the most unique programs & locations I’ve found:

1. Nation Building, Globalization, and Decolonizing the Mind in Nambia & South Africa:

– This program is based in Windhoek, Nambia.

-You’ll have the opportunity to study the development & model of Nambian and Self African society. Students also get the opportunity to meet with members of the African National Congress. You also get the opportunity to stay with host families in both Nambia & South Africa!

2. Semester in Lima, Peru:

-This program is a great way to learn Spanish!

-You’ll have the opportunity to explore everywhere from beach towns to the city of Cusco.

-Not many people can say they’ve visited Peru, much less studied and lived with a host family there! Peru is such a unique location with so much to see and such a rich culture & history, definitely somewhere I would love to go!

3. Himalayan Forests & Rural Livelihood in Bhutan:

-This is a summer program to study abroad in the Kingdom of Bhutan (I had never even heard of Bhutan until I found this program)!

-You get the opportunity to learn all about Bhutanese culture & politics. Along with the opportunity to participate in fieldwork & research!

-This is a truly unique study abroad experience, you’ll get to learn and become a part of such a little-known culture. I would love if I could do this program (I’m going to say that about each program on this list)!

4. Semester at Sea:

-Not going to lie, this is my first choice program for my sophomore year of college! I highly doubt that y’all haven’t heard about this program, it is an extremely popular study abroad program.

-You get to explore multiple countries while earning up to 15 college credits! You have the opportunity to travel to countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North/South America.

-It is basically a luxury cruise that you happen to take classes during! They have pools on the ships and crazy fun activities, this program is a dream!

5. Intercultura Costa Rica, Beachfront Spanish Immersion:  

-Through this program, you have the opportunity to participate in total immersion, a homestay, surf, volunteering, and free daily activities! All the while learning Spanish and earning college credit in Costa Rica, how amazing!

-I don’t know anyone who has/plans to study abroad in Costa Rica.

-Another good aspect is you don’t only have a beach front campus, but also one in the city too!

6. Elephants, Culture, & Ecology in THAILAND!!!

-In case you can’t tell by the exclamation points, I’m super excited by this program!! A program cannot be anything less than perfect if it involves elephants! I’m obsessed with elephants, they are such amazing creatures.

-This 5-week summer program lets you get up close & personal with elephants, learn basic Thai, the history of elephants, and about conservation efforts.

-You get the opportunity to also participate in a home stay and field studies! How cool!!!

7. Study Abroad in Havana, Cuba:

-First things first, yes, this program is available to Americans! How exciting!? Cuba is one of the top places on my bucket list!

-This program has Semester, January, & Summer opportunities so it is so easy to work into your college schedule.

-Students have the opportunity to learn about Cuban culture, humanitarian studies, and of course Spanish!


Are you participating in any of these programs? Have you studied abroad? Do you know any other unique study abroad programs? Let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to hear about your experiences! 

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Live, Learn, Wander- Mia xx


  • Reply Cindy's Travel Diaries 07/01/2017 at 2:34 PM

    Living abroad experiences are the best !!

    • Reply Mia 07/01/2017 at 4:07 PM

      So true! Travel is such an amazing & enriching thing! If it wasn’t so expensive I’d be gone all the time! Thank you for the comment lovely!

    • Reply Mia 07/01/2017 at 4:22 PM

      Wait you speak french???

  • Reply Fyza 07/19/2017 at 2:55 PM

    These look amazing!! Defo worth getting into one of these programmes if you can. Like you said, best to taken advantage as and when you can!


    Faye xx

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