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Graduating high school, I felt so great and accomplished for about a week. Then, it hit me, this is my last summer really as a kid with minimal worries. I have pretty much no responsibilities and unlimited time, I needed to figure out ways to fill that time.

The summer before college is a great time to get prepared, relax, travel, and learn new things before entering the world of adulting. Here’s a breakdown of 10 things you should make time for before you head off!

1. Spend Time With Family

-The summer before college is likely the last time that you’ll live under your parent’s roof. Once you leave things won’t be the same! You’re going to be on your own for the year no home cooked meals, no one to do your laundry, and no one to bug you constantly about your responsibilities. Sure, there’s texting, skype, and phone calls, but things will never be quite the same.

-This summer, I’m spending less time going out and more time hanging out with my family. I try to go to the movies, shopping, to dinner, or just chill on the couch with my parents as much as possible. I know during the school year I won’t have much time to talk and won’t see my parents for months at a time. The freedom and time away from my family is going to be great, but I’m embracing the time we have together right now.

2. Make Some Money

-The summer before college is a great time to get a job! Whether it’s babysitting, being a barista, or an internship the summer is a great time to start building your resume. You use the money you make to pay for books or to have some spending money the first few weeks of college. Get ready to be broke!! Don’t worry I’m going to join you in the brokeness, we can support each other. 

-I actually decided to take the summer off because I had been working a lot since I turned 16. I needed a break, but I really wish I had gotten a job to have some money saved up for school. (Yay! You make great decisions Mia). Please, don’t do what I did and get a job! You’ll thank yourself.

3. Start Working Out

-Let’s be honest here, working out and staying healthy is not going to be your first priority in college. Between studying, working, extracurriculars, and studying there isn’t much time for exercise. Get yourself on the right track before classes start! You don’t just have to go to the gym, you can go for hikes, ride bikes, go jogging, or even swim! 

-I’m doing the Grace Fit Guide this summer (trying to), and I love it! Since the beginning of the year, I’ve lost 20lbs and most of that was after I started the GFG. I’ve also been tracking my macros, which you can learn more about here, and trying out intermittent fasting.

4. Explore

This is the perfect time to travel! Visit your local area and go new places. Plan a trip with some of your high school friends as a last hurrah before college! Go on road trips, travel internationally, or even visit your grandma!

-Go places don’t just sit at home stressing about the future (note to self). During college, you’re going to want to spend time doing an internship or gaining work experience, so take these silly little trips while you have the chance.

5. Go Through Your Closet

-Now, is the perfect time to go through your closet and decide what you want to take with you. If your dorm is anything like mine, then you have a small closet which has to be shared with your roommate. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be ashamed of themself

-Embrace this new chapter of your life, don’t bring keep the clothes that remind you of bad times. Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear anymore. On breaks, it will be great to come back to a clean closet! 

6. Read a Book (For Fun)

It’s not long before you’re going to have a ton of assigned reading to do for classes! Take the time this summer to read a book you’re excited about. 

-I know during the school year I’m not going to have the time to read and if I did I probably wouldn’t want to. I plan on packing up my stuff and heading to the beach to read a book!

7. Visit Your Favorite Places

-Go back and visit the places you love in your area or frequented in your childhood. It’s another great way to spend time with your family. You can use this as a way to reflect back and begin looking towards the future.

-I have gone to the zoo, water parks, Disneyland, and more. I’ve also visited a ton of restaurants I love in my area!

8. Learn Something New

-Start a new hobby over the summer and develop your interests! This will make finding your niche or a club to join in college easier. It’s also a great way to make the most of the free time you have. Not sure where to start? Check out Lavendaire’s video on teaching yourself new skills here

-This summer, I started blogging and I’ve learned so much about myself! It has been an amazing experience. If you’re considering starting a blog, just do it! Not sure where to start? You can check out my post on How to Start a Blog on a Budget (I got you my broke peeps)! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

9. Start Dorm Shopping

I’ve had so much fun shopping for my dorm! Decor and stationary/school supplies get me so excited. Everything is so cute! I’m also incredibly overwhelmed with everything that I need, so I recommend you start shopping early! Check out my Pinterest board for Dorm Room Inspo here. 

10. Just Relax

-If you’re going to be a bump on a log and watch Netflix all day, this summer is your opportunity to do it. College is going to be a stressful and jam packed time. Just take a breather this summer and enjoy life. Spend the whole day at the beach or the pool. Don’t get out of bed till noon, you have the time! 

“If you’re feeling frightened about what comes next, don’t be. Embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you places…Enjoy the present, each moment, as it comes, because you’ll never get another one quite like it”

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Live, Learn, Wander

Mia xx

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